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" She is excellent at tutoring. Very patient! She will explain everything and will give you easy to remember formulas. If you need math help, she is the perfect tutor to go to! "

Best SAT Test Prep in Houston

Study Dorm's new SAT Test prep course

SAT Student Review

Real Student Review on our SAT Prep Class – The staff is amazing! Very detail oriented. Bumped my math score up by 250 points in 2 weeks. Highly recommend it to anyone.

How to improve your SAT score by 160 points?

  • Enroll in our 28 hour (12 sessions) SAT prep classes
  • We work with the student on all sections of the SAT test
  • Results -On average, our students have improved scores by 160 points after completing our SAT test prep course
  • With our proven teaching skills we will make bad score good and good score better
  • Our lead SAT tutor has been improving student scores for over 5 years and can teach students exactly what they need to know

Next SAT Test

SAT test prep package – $500

Less than $18/hr – Best price for quality SAT prep

*Everything you need to score well on the SAT

Call for latest Course Schedule

28 hrs of SAT prep session

Class format – Our SAT test prep class consist of 1 to 6 students per session to ensure we provide one-on-one attention during the session

Class Material –  Study Dorm SAT prep material

Are you wondering “SAT tutors near me?”

Make your SAT score the best it can be… it’s a key to the future. The SAT is one of the most widely used college admission tests in the U.S. Our SAT Tutors can help you prepare for the SAT.

Study Dorm’s NEW SAT prep classes are one-on-one and very personalized. Each class is tailored to the individual students needs. We begin with a SAT practice test for all new students; if a student has taken the test previously we will analyze their scores and design a customized SAT study session. Our private one-on-one tutoring is designed to give students an edge over other students and get into the 80th percentile and above. Our SAT tutors will focus on teaching proven test-taking strategies, help understand concepts, we provide lots of practice including 2 full length tests. Our coaching will develop confidence of the student for test day. We have our own proprietary test questions which have helped many students score unbelievable high grades.  We also give homework so during the session students can ask questions and understand the material. Our SAT tutors will give you the tools needed to turn a good SAT score into a phenomenal score. Your dream school is just an SAT score away…

 In March 2016, CollegeBoard will begin administering a new SAT test.

So what’s changing in the new SAT.

  • Grading Scale is out of 1600 point. The verbal and math section will be worth 800 points.
  • CollegeBoard has decided to make the test 3 hours long.
  • The essay section is not optional but our SAT tutors highly recommend writing an essay. This will only help your admission process.
  • Vocabulary words will be more practical; words that you will actually use in the future or have heard.
  • The math section will be a mix of algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. We will go over every single topic that the SAT expects to cover.
  • Multiple choice questions will have four choices instead of five.
  • Biggest change in our opinion is there will not be a penalty for wrong answers, so you’ll be able to guess on questions you don’t know without hurting your overall score.
  • Khan academy is providing FREE SAT PRACTICE TEST but this is something every student will be doing. To set yourself apart and have an edge Study Dorm has a lot  of good challenging SAT practice test for students

Sugarland SAT Score Averages:

Total of 3,745 Students took the SAT Test in 2015

SAT Reading Average – 501

SAT Math Average – 533

SAT Writing Average – 494


Frequently asked question by parent on the SAT

1) When should my child start studying for the SAT?

We recommend start thinking out the SAT in your freshman year in high school. Our SAT tutors have started prepping students as early as in their sophomore year in high school. Getting started early is the best thing you can do.

2) How long does it take me to prepare to the SAT test?

In short- Give your self about 4 months and leave the rest up to our tutors.

3) If I take the SAT test more than once, which SAT score should I send to my university?

Universities will take the highest composite score.

4) SAT tutors near me?

Yes, we are located in Stafford opposite Dulles High School. Our SAT tutor will tutor you at our center at a time convenient for both.

5) How to Study for the SAT?

All students wonder “How to prepare for the SAT” Study Dorm has the right answer, Practice, Practice, Practice….. Yes its true. Study Dorm has prepared hundreds of SAT practice questions with different variation which will help you prepare for the SAT test.

More FAQ here


Study Dorm SAT Test Prep provides

  • Results – Minimum increase of 200 points. Students have gotten into top universities in Texas after taking our test prep.
  • Commitment – We’ll work with you until you understand all the SAT strategies and concepts
  • Knowledge – Our instructors are experts in the course they teach. A wealth practice materials.

Study Dorm SAT MATH Prep in City of Sugarland

We are currently preparing students for the upcoming SAT TEST from all FBISD school including Clements High School & Dulles High School.

I guarantee you will be satisfied with our teaching.

Call: 281-818-4760 to speak to your SAT Tutor of Houston

Youtube video on the new redesigned SAT:

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We also prepare students in 7th & 8th grade for Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) SAT exam

Study Dorm Stafford ISD Students

" She is excellent at tutoring. Very patient! She will explain everything and will give you easy to remember formulas. If you need math help, she is the perfect tutor to go to! "

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