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Looking for Math Tutors in Houston? Then you’ve come to the right place! Study Dorm tutors are young, bright and have a passion to teach MATH. All our tutors have a Masters Degree in Mathematics or Engineering. Each tutor has tutored MATH to over 300 students and have more than 5 years of tutoring experience!

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Best MATH tutor in Houston – I had taken GMAT before and did not receive the scores I wanted. After receiving coaching from Shahin, I was significantly able to improve my score by 110 points!. She was excellent in making me understand math concepts and preparing me for the test. Thanks forĀ  helping me reach [...]

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Does your child need to raise

his or her SAT score?

Take the SAT burden off your shoulder and get your child the absolute best SAT tutoring in Houston

Our SAT prep class in Sugarland, tx will improve your SAT score by 200 points or more.

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