GED in Houston

Pursue your dream – Get your GED!

Study Dorm’s GED program in Houston specializes in teaching students the fundamental skills required to master the GED exam.

Our GED classes in Houston will give students the necessary confidence and background to pass the exam. Our tutors are committed to helping you or your child understands the concepts and strategies necessary to easily pass the test. Lessons are always one-to-one so that we work exclusively on what the student needs to learn that day, and do so at his or her own learning rate.

Our GED Tutors will provide all the necessary material during the course.

The GED Tests will change on January 1, 2014. Test-takers who have not completed and passed all sections of the GED Tests before the end of December, 2013, will have to start over. The new GED exam will be much more difficult to pass, and can only be taken on a computer – not pencil and paper like the current test.

We encourage everyone who has taken and passed some of the five GED Tests to finish testing before December so you don’t have to begin all over again.

If you are interested in obtaining your GED in Houston, TX then contact us today.

Don’t let the lack of a diploma hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams.