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Fantastic Tutor in Houston
Study Dorm was a fantastic resource for me as I struggled through College Algebra. Sha made complex algebraic equations a breeze to learn. Once she helped me rediscover the fundamentals, I was able to see algebra in a different way– further enabling me to solve problems and gain the confidence I needed to pass the course. A+++++ – Kris P. – Katy, TX

Awesome Algebra Tutor in Houston

We used study dorm to study for Algebra 2, it was awesome .My son needed help all year long and it was what helped him pass this class. The review and the step by step examples helped him so much. We are so lucky we found this tutoring service. I will continue to use study dorm and will bring my Daughter also. Study dorm is an excellent study source.- Brandon H. – Houston, TX

Wonderful Statistic Tutor in Houston

I had a wonderful experience at Study dorm during this last Spring Semester. I am in college taking statistics after being out of high school some 40 years ago. I wasn’t doing well in statistics AT ALL and so I decided to get some tutoring the last two weeks to help with finals. I ended up making the fourth highest grade on the final in the class. I wish I had gone to Study Dorm sooner. If she can help me, she can help you!- Linda J- Houston, TX

Highly Recommended Tutor

Although it had been more than 20 years since I was last in school and didn’t seem to remember ANY of my algebra, Study Dorm has really made a huge difference in the College Algebra class I’m taking at HCC this semester. Shahin has been incredibly patient, and if I have trouble with a concept, finds another way to explain it so it makes sense to me. I highly recommend Study Dorm! – Cecilia T- Houston, TX

Excellent Tutor

She knows her material and is very patient. I definitely recommend her for anyone who is looking to take GMAT, GRE or any math. She’s the girl for it!! – Sana F – Houston, TX

Wow! I increased my GMAT score by 120 point….
After repeatedly taking the GMAT and not getting the results after personal studying, I looked into hiring a personal tutor. Thanks to Shahin I am now enrolled into the MBA program of my choice. She helped me increase my GMAT score 120 points. Shahin is a wonderful instructor that created lesson plans that addressed my weaknesses. She also helped me build my confidence when deciphering difficult quantitative problems. Her shortcuts and training helped me perform well. I recommend her to anyone with a weak background in math that needs additional help. Kursten Bell- Houston, TX

Best MATH TUTOR in Houston.

I had taken GMAT before and did not receive the scores I wanted. After receiving coaching from Shahin, I was significantly able to improve my score by 110 points!. She was excellent in making me understand math concepts and preparing me for the test. Thanks for  helping me reach my potential! Henry – Houston, TX

My grades have improved tremendously……

I have been getting tutored in statistics and in only a few weeks my grades have gone up tremendously.  I like the fact that somebody will sit down and help you step by step with your homework, and will help every step of the way.Benjamin – Pearland

Best GRE tutor in Houston……

Shahin tutored me for about three months and I scored really well on my GRE test. She explained me concepts that were useful while taking the GRE test. I feel like a math genius.Daniel K.- Houston

Couldn’t have asked for a better GMAT tutor……

Great experience so far… Im currently studying for the GMAT and first I decided to go ahead and enroll in one of those expensive on site Prep Courses that guarantee a high score. After the course ended I felt that I wasnt ready for the test, specially on the math section. On the Prep Course they teach you methods like backsolving and picking numbers, which sometimes works. The Prep Course is not personal at all, and you have to consider that there are 8-9 students that have different backgrounds on math so the teacher cant spend quality time on each one. Therefore, I decided to look for personal tutoring and thats how I ended up at Study Dorm. I really like that my teacher is really patient , I feel comfortable that I can ask her as many questions as I have and sometimes we go over a topic as many times as I need to understand it. All I can say is that I wish I had started with study dorm before the Prep Course because when you are studying for an exam like the GMAT you have to use your time wisely, its not about how many hours you put on the test, its about quality hours. – Jorge S. – SW Houston

Best Compass test prep tutor

I have been out of school for 10 plus years and for the past two weeks Shahin has been tutoring me and feel like I know all my concepts from high school. She rights out rules in detail with step by step problems. She takes her time explaining the concepts I need for the compass test. Whenever I arrive for a session she has material for review compass focused. I couldn’t ask for a better tutor.”  Syreeta M

Best Algrebra 2 and SAT tutor in Houston

“Currently I am being tutored on Algebra 2 as well as SAT and PSAT. My tutors are very helpful and have helped me in ways unimaginable. This is a good area to put your kids in to learn about major tests which colleges look for.” Mohammed I.

Houston’s GMAT tutor

“I came to study dorm with only 3 days left before my GMAT. I had already spent thousands of dollars at KAPLAN and my score were between a 260 and 300. I spent two days at study dorm, for a total of 8 hours and was able to score a 430 on my GMAT. It was high enough to get me in my program. I went from a 260 to a 430 in 2 days. THANK YOU SHAHIN, AND THANK YOU STUDY DORM.” Alexander B.

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