Frequently asked questions about our Summer Camp in Houston

Will I see results after I send my child to Study Dorm’s 2018 summer camp?¬†This will be Study Dorm’s 5th summer camp and every year we have seen an increase in the number of student enrollment because parents have seen significant improvement in their child’s MATH skills and readiness for the next school year. Parents have refereed to friends and family to take advantage of the only successful summer camp in the Sugar Land area.

Is lunch provided? No, students will be need to bring their own lunch.

Are all 11 summer camp sessions the same? Every session the student will learn new topics. Parents have the flexibility to pick any of the 11 summer camp sessions. Every student is at a different level so we focus on individual needs rather that a group setting.

My child only needs Math help or reading/writing help? Yes, you can register for only a math camp or only reading/writing camp. If you would like your child to prepare for the SAT’s we will start preparing them for the SAT test in summer. Please note this on registration form.

Is transportation provided? Transportation will be provided to full day students to Americas Choice Childcare Center on Beltway 8 and Bellaire. Students will be transported in a daycare van to the childcare for fun activities and field trips. Parents must drop students off at Study Dorm location on 609 Dulles Avenue, Suite#500, Stafford, TX 77477 in the morning.

I work till 5 pm, are extended hours available? Yes, we do offer extended hours till 6 pm. Pick up location will be from Americas Choice Childcare Center on Beltway 8 and Bellaire. Please check with summer camp counselor

What is the teacher to student ratio? We usually keep that number to 1:5. There will be around 5 students in the classroom and most likely everyone will  be at a different level in the math or reading courses. Our tutors will individually help the students. In our experience we found that this works best.

How does the Math Session work? We will introduce a topic, we ensure the students understand the concept and then provide in-class worksheets to ensure the students get the topic. If the students get all worksheets problems right, Great! if not we go over the problems in detail. At the end of the summer camp we will re-visit all the math concepts the student has learn during the summer camp.

How will student progress be measured? All covered topics will be kept in a binder so parents can see whats done in class on a daily basis.

What will the Summer SAT Test prep course cover? We will start from the basics and go over every single topic that is covered on the SAT. This is the best option for Sophomores and Juniors planning to take the SAT in Fall of 2018. Our experienced SAT prep teachers will also show test-taking strategies for the test that big test prep companies do not cover. We will ensure our SAT students understand each and every topic and most importantly get into the university of their choice.

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