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Study Dorm’s SAT Prep Course is an intensive 28 hour (12 sessions) course that focuses on the new SAT test. Our SAT Prep course is taught by highly experienced, dynamic instructors who have successfully improved student score. We work with the student on all sections of the SAT test. The course covers everything you need to know to do well on the SAT and improve your test score.

The ultimate question is why should a student get a good score on the SAT test. Our one line answer is; “to easily get into the college of choice with scholarships”. We all know that college tuition cost has increased significantly and will continue to go higher. There are no plans for the tuition cost to go lower. Tuition cost is out of our control but what we do have control over is out SAT scores. A decent SAT score opens up doors to a ton of scholarships for high school students.

SAT Test Prep Benefits

  • Study Dorm’s SAT prep course has helped over 553 students prepare for the SAT test.
  • 100% have improved their scores anywhere from 80 points to 160 points
  • The SAT test follows a specific structure and assess standard concept that our SAT tutors have mastered and teach this in the course to improve your test score.
  • We have 100’s of SAT practice test questions of different variation that you will see on the actual test
  • Timing a the key on the test, we help SAT students get familiar with time allocation for each problem
  • After the student goes through our SAT prep course and solve our SAT practice test, students are likely to be relaxed and have all the tools required to solve problems
  • During the sat preparation we will review all Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and trig concepts you will need to score high on the test

Please visit our SAT PREP PRICING page for costWe also hold SAT Prep Session at local churches, community centers, schools etc. If you have are interested in personalized SAT packages from groups, please email us and will we get back to you with 1 business day.


Texas Education Agency (TEA) has released SAT scoring data for Houston area high schools, and three FBISD high schools ranked within the top 15 highest overall performance scores in the region.

#3 Clements High School

#11 Dulles High School

#14 Stephen F Austin High School


Shout-out to our students that attend:

Carnegie Vanguard High School Ranked #1

High School for the Performing and Visual Arts ranked #5