Top 5 Questions about the SAT Test Prep

1) Which test should my student take, the SAT or the ACT?
Colleges don’t have a preference. For the next year or two until the new SAT becomes established, it’s reasonable for most students to take only the ACT but most students are still taking the SAT.

2) Do you think group or private tutoring is better for my student?
Most parents start with group tutoring. Here at Study Dorm, even group tutoring is technically one-on-one tutoring. You can always change to private tutoring.

3) This is our first child, where do we begin with SAT Test Prep?
You’ve come to the right place. I will not waste your money or your child time. We start with topic #1 and master one topic at a time. At the end we will give your child a test and see if there are topics that we need to go back a review.

4) When should my child start tutoring?
Sophomore year is the best time at start your SAT Prep. Take the test 2 times during your Junior year and one during your Senior year.

5) How many sessions will it take to be tutored for the SAT or ACT?
The number of sessions varies greatly from student to student, but I’ll make sure your student is well prepared! On an average about 15 hrs for the Math Section.

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