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There are plenty of Math Tutors in Houston, however, there aren’t that many tutors that are young, bright, and have a passion for education. All our tutors have a masters degree in Mathematics or Engineering. Each tutor has tutored over 300 students and have more than 5 years of tutoring experience!

Each individual learns math differently, and we pride ourselves by customizing our approach to cater to each individuals needs. We offer tutoring for SAT, GRE, GMAT, GED and much more! For a list of all of the tutoring courses we offer please click here.

Why is Study Dorm the best math tutoring company in Houston? Our Houston Tutors are experienced and have helped many students succeed in math. We know the FBISD and HISD curriculum, we know what types of questions are asked on the GMAT, SAT, ISEE and other test. We have been teaching students for over 7 years and have seen it all. We know how to A’s your math test

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Our Sugar Land Lead Math Tutor

Shahin Nanji, also goes by “Sha” as it’s easy for her students and their parents. Shahin is an electrical engineer by profession BUT spent only a year after obtaining her master’s degree doing actual electrical work. She values respectful, hard-working people.

She was born to teach MATH. Shahin started tutoring kids when she was in middle school. It started with tutoring her younger cousins in math; soon people in the community found out and before you know it she was tutoring half the students in her apartment complex. She was a TA at University of New York before moving to Houston.

She single handedly founded Study Dorm which has become Houston’s Premier Math Tutoring provider in the area. Study Dorm is focused on improving student’s grades and developing love for math. Shahin truly believes the there is no such things as “I’m bad at math”.

Professional Achievements:

  • Developed Math Curriculum for Culinary Institute
  • Helped 57 nurses pass the TEAS test
  • Helped 83 students get into the Army by preparing them for the ASVAB
  • Helped 162 professionals get into top MBA programs around the nation by preparing them for the GMAT
  • Helped over 550 high school students get into top university and maximum scholarships by preparing them for the SAT

In her spare time, you will find Shahin spending quality time with her family and her beautiful daughter.

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